Idea/Concept : Julia Garbuzova & Marlène Perronet

Action Planning #1 – Self, 2010
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova et Marlène Perronet.
Elodie Dufour, commissaire invitée.
Danièle Orcier, artiste, Présidente et fondatrice d’Angle art contemporain.
Stéphanie Lehu, médiatrice culturelle.
Remerciements Société ESI, Catherine Bobtcheff et François Watel.

Action Planning #2, 2010
Winzavod Art Center, Moscow
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova et Marlène Perronet.

Action Planning #3 – Interludes, 2010
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova et Marlène Perronet.
Diane Pigeau, commissaire invitée.
Jean-Christophe Arcos, conseiller culture du Maire du 11e arrondissement de Paris.
Freaks freearchitects (scénographie).
Emilie Schalck, Association GLASSBOX.
Remerciements Jérémie Strauch, la Maison, galerie Singulière (Nice), Société TUMORAPA, Frédéric Martinot.

Action Planning #4, 2010
Centre d’Art de Rostov-sur-le-Don
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova et Marlène Perronet.

Action Planning #5 – Reaction Saint-petersburg, 2011
Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, Saint-petersburg
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova, Viktoriya Ilyushkina et Natalia Prikhodko.

Action Planning – Reaction Moscou, 2012

Special project – The III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2012
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova et Natalia Prikhodko.

Keep me in suspense, 2012
International Festival of Independent Films 2morrow/Zavtra, The central house of Artists, Moscow.
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova et Anna Kravchenko.

In the role of the hero, 2013
Art – residence ZIL in Moscow
Commissaires Julia Garbuzova et Natalia Prikhodko.


Michail & Natalia Basov, « Digital Sandglass »

Initiated at the occasion of the France-Russia year 2010, “Action Planning” will gather young video artists from France and Russia.

These artists film and photograph diverse situations, more often, the behaviors consisting in reaction or inaction, in front of these situations. Through simple gestures, they point out cultural archetypes, calling upon more or less knowledge of one or the other of these two cultures.

Body, Time and Space are the dimensions and the fundamental elements of performative art. In the works shown here, it is not about the performance documentation but recordings, montages, collages, unfolding on a game between reality and fiction. The common factor between all these works is the use of light devices for recording and restitution.

The form of the exhibition “Action Planning” itself, consisting in juxtaposed projections of short videos and slide shows, follows the same logic. It aims to render the lightness and the strength of the artistic gesture. As soon as it does not appear as an object, it does not have a full use value and thus, loses any exchange value. It can then ap- pear as the “reverse of merchandise”, following Giorgio Agamben’s words.

Still and moving images will be projected in the dark, a necessary environment for the apparition of these bodies with fluctuating sizes, emphasizing their shadowy presence.

“The body is the support for life and species, a reference for identity, the place and tool for pleasures, pain, sick- ness, the object of desire, an object of consummation, exploration, representation. Though, it is as well the holder, maker and recipient of the speech: a tool for communication.” (Jacques Cosnier)

Does the vocabulary of these speechless bodies in action exempt them from any translation?

These brief and simple actions will dialog in this flexible and light exhibition – as it is conceived in order to be shown both in France and Russia. Its goal is to bring the communication from the artists between themselves to the different audiences and thus, to raise an inter-cultural dialog between senders and receivers.


© Tania Leshkina, RussianTeaRoom Gallery.
Picture: © Tania Leshkina, RussianTeaRoom Gallery.

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