Action Planning 2011 – CYBERFEST


Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ivan Argote / Jérôme Gras /Andrea Acosta / Aliénor Dauchez/
Florent Mattei / Francis Alÿs /Tieri Rivière / Michel de Broin

Curated by:
Julia Garbuzova, Natalia Prikhodko, Viktoriya Ilyushkina

Urban environment and public space are a part of our everyday life, where local
culture and topography form а certain standard of human behavior. Order or chaos of
streets and parks become a kind of test of our sensitivity. In these public places artists
propose actions in which the dynamics of everyday life is understood as a new plastic
experience and the forms of people’s spontaneous reaction to a proposed situation
become an autonomous language independent from the pragmatism of the urban

PDF Presentation


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