When I make up my stories, I’m more excited by the stairs that creak than by the characters.
Alfred Hitchcock

SUSPENSE is a long disquieting expectation experienced by the viewer involved in a dramatic situation. This term was introduced in cinema by Alfred Hitchcock, the author of artistic devices aimed to create the state of intense tension onscreen. This powerful instrument gripping the audience’s attention has become an instrument currently practiced in modern cinema.

KEEP ME IN SUSPENSE is a program that unites the works by young European and Russian video artists who use the effect of suspense. The video limited in time and means of expression highlights the state of tension as such. Suspense is being transformed into a purified and acute sensation and becomes the “main character”.

It generates a situation that allows the viewer to stay outside, see the tension the way an onlooker does, and regulate the level of his own involvement.

Curators: Anna Kravchenko, Yulia Garbuzova
International Festival of Independent Films 2morrow/Zavtra, The central house of Artists, Moscow, 2012

Artists :
Rebecca Digne
Christophe Herreros
Armel Hostieu
Maria Haritonova
Vladimir Logutov
Florent Mattei
Laurence Nicola
Tieri Riviere
Eléonore Saintagnan
Adrien Vescovi



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